Friday, 31 July 2009

Government ignores UN targets on tackling discrimination against women

Last July, the UK Government was assessed by the UN's CEDAW Committee on their track record on gender equality, and was found wanting. As a result, the government is required to report to the Committee this month - twelve months on rather than the standard four year reporting cycle.

However, on the last day of July, we have seen no signs of such a report. Meanwhile, there are still women in this country who are unable to access a place of safety when escaping a violent relationship. These women have no choice but to return to violent partners or become destitute.

In the one year on report, the government is required to include information on how it has ‘incorporated all provisions of the Convention’ into the Single Equality Bill, announced by Harriet Harman in June 2008. However, to date no measures have been taken by the government to incorporate the Convention into domestic law.

The CEDAW committee also expressed concern over funding to the women’s voluntary sector in the UK and have requested that the government report on this.

So... where is the report? Read more here.

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Leah, WRC Communications Officer said...

In response to this press release, the Government Equalities Office has informed us that they submitted their report to the UN yesterday. We look forward to seeing the report to see what progress the Government has made towards addressing the critical women's rights issues highlighted by the CEDAW committee.