Thursday, 22 October 2009

The Women's Cafe: An online network for the women's sector

Exciting news people! After months in the cooking, we launched the Women's Cafe at our AGM last night.

The Women's Cafe is an online network for women working in the women's voluntary and community sector. So if you're working in a women's project (staff, volunteer or trustee) come and join us!

Women are using the network to:

  • Find other women interested in similar issues
  • Provide each other with information, advice and support on campaigning, research and other topics
  • Co-ordinate campaigns and working groups with other women across the country
  • Share their experiences, expertise and best practice examples
Want to find out more? I've put together a Step by Step guide to the Women's Cafe (PDF). Or just go to the Women's Cafe and sign up!*

(*to make sure the network stays relevant and safe, all members will need to be approved by us before joining. Shouldn't take too long though!)

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